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The Seed Hunter Tribe’s seed bomb station was the kids’ favorite

Tamariki had a blast during the Tasman Mission event held on site at Whenua Iti Outdoors. Primary Schools from around the district arrived on a sunny Friday morning to take part in a fun event organized by the Tasman District Council that coordinated various ‘stations’ where teams faced fun environmentally-themed challenges to tackle together.

While teams had a great variety of challenges like fixing bike punctures, orienteering, harakeke weaving, and a pest trapping game, the undisputed favorite was The Seed Hunter Tribe’s seed bomb station. This station allowed the kids to get hands-on with an innovative environmental activity – making seed bombs.

Seed bombs are ingenious clay balls filled with native seeds that are designed to help rewild New Zealand when dispersed in appropriate areas. The Seed Hunter Tribe taught the excited students how to mold and shape these seed-filled orbs from mud and clay.

As the kids got elbow-deep in the muddy mixture, squeals of pure delight filled the air. They giggled and laughed, playfully flicking mud at each other as they worked. Their faces beamed with joyful smiles, a testament to the simple but profound happiness that comes from connecting with nature in such a tactile way.

“The Seed Hunter Tribe’s station was definitely the kids’ favorite,” remarked one teacher with a grin. “They absolutely loved getting messy while learning about our native plants and how to make those clever seed bombs. It was wonderful to see them so engaged.”

The tribe’s unique hands-on approach to environmental education was an absolute rousing success. By allowing the children to get gloriously muddy, they turned the concept of conservation into an unforgettable fun experience. The kids can’t wait for the next Seed Hunter activity!