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From flying the big seed bomb drones to aerial mapping and filming. Delivering beautiful media is what we strive to achieve.

Hippy Ben as he known has been pivotal in helping The Tribe at events and Adventure Days.

His expertise go way beyond flying a drone. He is helping develop our seed sowing of seed bombs project.

Hi, I’m Ben Henry, and my journey into the world of photography and media has been an exhilarating ride fueled by a lifelong passion for all things remote-controlled and visually captivating.

It all began with my fascination for freestyle and race drones. Years ago, I stumbled upon a video by the renowned “Charpu,” showcasing the incredible art of flying freestyle drones through goggles, a technique known as FPV (First Person View). This mesmerizing display immediately piqued my curiosity, and I found myself diving headfirst into the rabbit hole of YouTube, devouring any and every video I could find on these remarkable machines.

My journey took an exciting turn when I discovered another exceptional pilot, “Mr Steele,” and the talented crew he flew with. Their skills and camaraderie ignited an unquenchable fire within me, propelling me to delve deeper into the world of drones. Before I knew it, I was immersed in tutorials, ordering parts, and attempting to build and fly my own drones – a process that involved countless crashes and rebuilds, but one that I embraced wholeheartedly.

As my skills and reputation grew, opportunities began to present themselves. People started requesting my services for aerial photography, leading me to acquire a DJI Mavic drone. The demand didn’t stop there; soon, clients sought a combination of aerial and handheld footage, prompting me to invest in a Nikon D3500 camera.

This journey has taken me down a myriad of exciting paths. I’ve had the privilege of filming race cars, working on movie sets, capturing weddings, car shows, school grand openings, baby shoots, maternity shoots, and so much more. Each experience has been a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when passion, dedication, and a willingness to embrace new challenges converge.

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